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Walking by Faith

video - Episode 351 - If you felt like God told you to not keep working at a typical job but instead, step out in faith and serve him, (even with a wife and family), would you do it? We will talk with Paul Granger from YWAM, who did it and is still doing it, next, on the Church Solutions Podcast!

Catalytic Leadership, Why it Matters!

video - Episode 350 - There's leadership and then there is catalytic leadership. What is the difference and why should you care? We'll talk with an expert on leadership, William Attaway, next on the church solutions podcast

Choosing The Right Encoder for Streaming

video - Episode 349 - If you want to stream your church services to your own website, (and other platforms as well), you need a live encoder. There are now a lot to choose from. In this episode of the Church Solutions Podcast, we discuss some of the differences

Getting Help with Your Sermons

video - Episode 348 If you are a pastor, we don't have to tell you creating sermons week in and week out can wear on you, especially if you are bi-vocational. Today's guest has some solutions for you! We will learn more next, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

10 Ways to Stop Video Buffering

Video - Episode 347 Problems with live streaming video buffering can be frustrating and have a negative impact on your live video streaming experience. There are several ways to stop and prevent buffering on your network.

Video Part 2 How to Launch or Relaunch Your Church Online for B

Last podcast we talked about 12 practical things to relaunch your streaming video, this week (part 2) we give you some creative ideas to plan your launch or relaunch.

Relaunching Your Streaming Video for Back to School!

video Episode 345 Part 1 It may be summertime but back to school will be here before you know it, and it is the perfect time to launch or re-launch your streaming video (otherwise known as church online) we will tell you why, next, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

10 Tips to Training Church Volunteers

video - Episode 344 - Training volunteers can be work but if you do it right, it's an investment, in your church, but more importantly in the people. Today we talk about 10 tips to train your volunteers for a healthy church.

How to Grow Your Church Using Plan Your Visit

video Episode 343 - Today we talk with Chris Abbott who will share some interesting tips on how to have growth in your church by using a Plan Your Visit tool for your church.

10 Reasons Why People Don't Give To Your Church

video - Episode 342 -Unfortunately, most churches fall victim to the 80/20 rule, where 80 percent of the total giving is done by just 20 percent of the people. Here are 10 reasons why people don't give, and how you can change that, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

5 Ways Email is Killing the Church

video - Episode 341 - Email, is a great way to communicate with your church members, right? Eh, maybe not! Today we talk about 5 ways email is killing the church.

10 Things That Can Help Us with Stress

Episode 340 Video - Stress in ministry is unavoidable but we don't have to succumb to it. The problem comes with how we respond. We are going to bring up 10 things we can do that will help us with stress, next on the Church Solutions Podcast with Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy.

Is Free Streaming The Best?

Episode 339 Video - Today we are going to look at a couple popular free streaming services with the pros and cons of each on the Church Solutions Podcast with Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy.

Should My Church Advertise?

Video Episode 338 Today we explore the question, should my church advertise and is it biblical and if so, how?

Do Google Reviews Matter for Churches?

Video Episode 337 - Google business reviews and reviews in general matter more than ever before. How important are Google reviews when it comes to your church? We will talk about this and more next with our guest on the Church Solutions Podcast

Five Hindrances to Church Growth

video - Episode 336 Are there definitive reasons as to why churches stop growing? Here are five reasons for churches decline, next on the Church Solutions Podcast

Eight Ways to Grow Your Church in Summer

video - Summertime will be here before you know it, but did you know, summer can be an excellent opportunity for your church to experience growth, don't believe me? Well stay tuned as we will give you 8 ways to attract people to your church in the summertime.

How To Help Refugees

video - Unless you live in a cave somewhere you're probably aware that there is a global refugee crisis. What can we do? Our guest is Jennifer Tompkins, the executive director of Tucson Refugee Ministry, has some answers to help in this time.

7 Tips to Prepare Your Church for Easter

video - Easter. There's a lot of pressure surrounding this day for pastors and volunteers. You'll most likely see people you haven't seen in a while, and hopefully some you've never seen as well. Easter is one of the best times to reach and assimilate new people into your church family. But it doesn't happen just by chance.

Four Things That Should Be On Your Church Connection Card

video - You will have visitors coming to your church, how will you follow up with them? A connection card is a great tool, but what should you have on it? We will talk about that next on the Church Solutions Podcast

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Streaming Video Audio

video - If your audio is poor, no matter how great the video looks, people will not stick around to view your stream! Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy share 5 easy tips to improve your audio on your streaming video on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Streaming Tips for Easter

video - Easter 2022 is almost here! Make sure your tech team is ready to go because Easter is the 2nd most attended church event every year, and that includes online. Here are ten important tips on streaming video to incorporate for Easter Sunday.

4 Easy Steps To Leverage Your Live Stream

video - In this webinar you will learn: How to attract new people to your ministry with your stream How to increase online attendance by making it super easy for people to join your live stream How to improve your live stream to increase guest engagement and enjoyment. How to get guests to return. How to help people to take their next step. How to get people to become regular members of your ministry.

Seven Reasons Why Your Church Should Keep Streaming

video - Two years ago at about this time live streaming video for churches became a necessity Church doors were forced to close as COVID-19 precautions shut down in-person church gatherings . Now that the effects Covid 19 seems to be lessening, there is a temptation to get away from streaming video or at least de-emphasize it. Why should we continue with this technology?

The Future Church

video - To reach a changing culture, the church needs to change. Do not get me wrong, we don't need to change the message, just the method. One is sacred. The other is not. Here are five things we need to realize if we want our church to be relevant in the years ahead.

Why Next Steps?

video - Next Steps, what are they and why should you care if you are involved in leadership at your church? We will discuss this and give some examples of Next Steps coming on, on the church solutions podcast

7 Steps to having an Effective Church Follow Up

video - What is a church follow up process and why should I care? Well we are going to give you several reasons and as some ideas on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Why Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Show Doesn't Cut it

video - Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, goes the old saying. But when it comes to streaming your church services, sitting back can lead to disinterest, distraction and a desire for something more interactive from your viewers. We'll talk about how to make your streaming better, next on the church solutions podcast.

3 Things to Prioritize on Your Website

video - What should you have or maybe more importantly, what should you not have on your church website? We discuss this and more on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Top 5 Challenges of 2022

video - We are into a new year with new challenges, today we talk with an expert Paul Bellows, who can help us navigate thru the top 5 challenges of 2022, next on the church solutions podcast.

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

video- If you've made some poor decisions and dealing with the consequences, today's podcast episode is for you, as we talk with an award winning author and pastor , Bishop Victor S. Couzens, about his struggles and how he found hope, and you can too.

The Story Continues

We get the privilege of speaking with old friend who has been in ministry as well as business for many years. We'll talk about that, but we will also speak with him about his diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer and the wisdom he has for all of us, especially if you're dealing with a health related issue, next on the church solutions podcast.

What Do Church Statistics Tell Us?

video - Church statistics are important and can tell us a lot, (attendance, giving, volunteers and more). Today we look at a report from the Unstuck Group with data they have collected in the past year.

We Celebrate 20 Years of Serving Ministries!

Congrats to Steve Lacy, CEO and founder of JSL Solutions for 20 years of serving ministries. See and hear the things people are saying.

5 Goals Your Church Should Invest in for 2022

video - Setting the right goals and investing the time, energy and money in them can provide you and your team with the direction you need.

Why Plan Your Next Visit Should Be on Your Website!

video - Why should you have a "plan your next visit" section on your website? We're going to talk about that with an expert and also how you can take advantage of google ad words grants for your church ( thousands of dollars) next on the Church Solutions Podcast with Kenny Jahng, Editor-In-Chief at

The Brilliance of "Go"

video - In Jesus last moments on earth and the future of God's Kingdom and mankind at stake what master plan does Jesus reveal? It is wrapped up in one word GO Tom Hackett is the founder of Alternative Missions/Dwellings, Tom has been leading ministries for over 35 years. He has established long-term works in Mexico, Honduras, Costa-Rica, Cuba, and more.

The Actor and The Messianic Rabbi

video - Phil Thompson interviews Messianic Jewish Rabbi Steve Shermett is who is also an American film actor and television host. He is an active producer and casting director. Known for his recurring role in the award winning series "The Chosen" and is appearance with Ted Danson and Holly Hunter in NBCs "Mr. Mayor" He will soon appear as one of the leads in the upcoming western "The Righteous Twelve."

New Church Management System

video - What if your church could use an open source CMS developed by believers which really focused on relationships for your church and had great support. Today we will talk with the founder of Rock RMS, Jon Edmiston next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Should Churches Stop Live Streaming Services?

video - The majority of churches are once again gathering together in person. But now, one of the questions being discussed in many churches these days is, Should we stop live streaming our worship services? We will explore that and more, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Important Tips for Mixing Audio with Streaming Video

video - Audio is very important in when it comes to streaming video, today we speak with author and audio expert James Wasem on mixing audio with your streaming video on this episode of the Church Solutions Podcast

Is Your Youth Group Relevant??

video - If your youth group is still using a 1980s model it is probably time for a change. Cody Kiwaczy , youth leader from is our guest on the Church Solutions Podcast.

What if your Church had One Voice?

video - What if the message or topic your senior pastor was teaching on was also being taught on every age appropriate level in your church. In other words, children, youth and adults were all on the same topic that Sunday? This is what Kyle Hammond, Kids Ministry Leader from Alive Church in Tucson, AZ is doing every week, and we will learn more on this episode of the Church Solutions Podcast

8 Relational Tips to Fill the Void in Church

video - This is the Biggest Relational Opportunity for the church in modern times. The church needs to relearn how to be relational even with Covid-19. Today we share 8 tips to fill the relational void that may be in your church.

Depression in the Ministry

video - The Journal of Primary Prevention reports the rate of depression for pastors is 11.1 percent -- double the national rate of 5.5%. Phil and Steve speak with Dr. Chet Weld about why this is and how we can find help.

8 Church Newsletter Alternatives

video - People are busy and yet they are engaged digitally, with constant access to their phones and devices. Make it easy for them to engage with the content of your church, starting with these church newsletter alternatives.

7 Things on Your Church Website that will Scare Visitors Away

video - Most people will visit your church website before they'll visit your church. So it's important to look at your website from the perspective of a visitor, and eliminate things that will scare visitors away.

What is Altar?

video - Altar Live is an online church platform designed for faith communities to stream and host interactive and engaging events and services. It is different from other platforms and we interview Altar CEO Stephanie Antonucci Leathe to find out more.

10 Ways to Help Your Church Use Technology

video - Covid 19 has led some churches to viewing technology as a new way to engage the congregation and the community. But, despite this, some church leaders are still hesitant to adopt the latest technological advances. Here are 10 ways your church can embrace technology and use it to grow your members and reach your neighbors.

10 Tips to Productive Meetings

video - Leadership and volunteer team meetings are very important to having a healthy and productive church, - yet sometimes they are dreadful! Steve and Phil share ten tips for your next meeting to be a good experience for everyone!