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Building the Bridge for Volunteers

Video Episode 382 - Church Volunteers, they are so vital to the ministry but recruiting and keeping volunteers can be challenging. Today Angela Yee will share some helpful tips on important topic, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Mixing Audio with Streaming Video

Video Episode 381 - If your audio is poor, people usually won't stick around to watch your video. Today we talk with audio mixing expert Clayton Gregory on the Church Solutions Podcast.

What Kind of Camera Should I Get For Streaming? Video

Video Episode 380 - What kind of camera should I get for streaming video? Today on the Church Solutions Podcast, we will explore different cameras that can be used for churches to do streaming video with.

Video - Easter is Over - Now What ?

Video Episode 379 It is Over, so now what? How can you maximize Easter Sunday in order to keep your church's momentum going? I would suggest at least four ideas for pastors and other leaders to consider immediately after Easter.

Webinar - 7 Powerful Ways to Use ChatGPT and Ai

What is Generative AI and ChatGPT? What is it good for? What can't it do? Use-case examples in church live streaming. List of AI Tools you can experiment with.

Does Your Church Have Great Customer Support? Video

Video Episode 378 Those of us involved in church work understand we are called to serve. We serve our visitors, members, volunteers, and employees. This service demonstrates how much we value those we interact with. Here are 5 benefits of serving our people.

Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences - Video

Episode 377 - Video -When it comes to streaming your church services, there are innovative things you can do, that will not cost you a lot of money; we will learn more from author and speaker, Jason Moore.

5 Things to Help Your Church for Easter Video

Episode 376 Video - More people attend church on this weekend than any other. Non-believers are more open to attending with their family and friends. There are five things you can do to help your church be more prepared.

PTZ Cameras, Are they for your Church? Video

Video Episode 375 - What if your church had three or even four high quality cameras but you only needed one camera operator? We will talk about how that is very possible next, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Six Reasons to Post a Sermon Promo - Video

Video Episode 374 - A lot of churches simply post their sermons, (or the entire worship service), to Facebook or YouTube and call it good. We don't think it is good and here are six good reasons to do a promo of a future sermon or sermon series instead.

Pros and Cons of Streaming to Facebook and YouTube - Video

Video Episode 373 - A lot of ministries are wondering if they should still be streaming to Facebook and/or YouTube, today we will look and pros and cons, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Finding Hope from Abuse and Trauma Video

Video Episode 372 - Unfortunately, abuse is prevalent everywhere, including the church. Today we talk with author and podcast host Angie Baughman about how you can find hope from abuse and trauma.

8 Signs Your Church Might Becoming Irrelevant video

Video Episode 371 - The message of Jesus is relevant but your church might not be. How do we know? Phil Thompson and Michael Gray discuss 8 signs your church might be becoming Irrelevant.

The Best Camera for Church Streaming, Video

Video Episode 370 - What kind of camera should I get for streaming video? We talk about PTZ cameras with an expert, Stephen Heywood, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Why Your Church Should Be Streaming on TV (Video)

video episode 369 - What is one of the most prevalent devices in people's homes today that most churches are neglecting? The answer is coming up next, on the Church Solutions Podcast

What Do People Want to Hear From Church? Video

Video Episode 368 - We talk with Jonathan Carone about the importance of what and how we communicate, not only from the platform on Sundays but in every medium we use, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

What is Deconstruction and Should I Care? Video

Video Episode 367 - What is deconstruction and frankly, why should I even care? We will answer that question and more with guest Jameson Allen from Lark, next on the Church Solutions Podcast

Vital Tips for Streaming - Video

Video Episode 366 - Time to start streaming our church service, oh no! It's not streaming, what's wrong??What do we do now?? Well sometimes these things happen but we've got some vital tips that can prevent this scenario from happening to your church live stream, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

10 Ways to be Better in Ministry for 2023 - Video

Video Episode 365 - Wow, 2023 is almost here. Many people make New Year's Resolutions, the things they hope to accomplish. Here's a twist, how about some things you do not want to do in 2023?

Exposing the Lies About Church Growth - Video

Video Episode 364 Today we talk with Laurie Acker from Small Church Ministry, who has a started a growing network with resources specifically for your church size. and stay tuned, because at the end of our podcast for have an opportunity for your church to receive a $200 donation.

Ways Innovative Ministries Are Using Streaming - Video

Video Episode 363 Streaming Video is more than just Sunday morning so today we will look at some innovative ways ministries are using streaming during the week, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Losing Your Faith - Video

Video Episode 362 What do you do when you are in ministry and you begin to doubt what you believe? We talk with Johnathan Drayton, host of the podcast, The Truth of the Matter Is, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Streaming Tips for Christmas Services - Video

video Episode 361 - Live streaming makes it possible for everybody to celebrate Christmas and invite new people. We've got some tips about streaming your Christmas services on this episode of the Church Solutions Podcast with Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy.

Ideas for an Engaging Thanksgiving Church Service - Video

Video Episode 360 - We often associate Thanksgiving Day with turkey, pie, and football, but at its core, Thanksgiving traces its roots to gratitude. Here are some ideas for a creative Thanksgiving church service.

Tips for Your Christmas Service - Video Version

Video Episode 359 - Christmas 2022 falls on a Sunday. Christmas services are some of the most attended worship services of the year. This creates a good opportunity to reach out to people who might not attend your church regularly. Here are some ideas to help you plan a successful Christmas Day or Christmas Eve service for your congregation and visitors.

Is There a Place for Videography in Church?

video Episode 358 - Does videography have a place in your church? You may be surprised as we talk with Janise Russ about videography and ministry on the Church Solutions Podcast

Are You a Kingdom Tentmaker?

Video Episode 357 Do you have a business or thinking of starting one? Kingdom Tentmaker could help you with the process. Learn more, as we speak with Paul Alan Clifford, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Steps to Starting Your Podcast

video - Episode 356 Thinking about starting a podcast? They have become very popular. Today we will share some steps in getting started on the Church Solutions Podcast with Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy

5 Calendar Mistakes Pastors Make

video Episode 355 - Ministry is hard work but sometimes we make it even more difficult because of mistakes we make, due to misconceptions we have about scheduling our time. Here are the five most common scheduling mistakes I see from Senior Pastors calendars.

Should I Write a Book?

video - Episode 354 Have you ever had a desire to write a book? Well today we will talk with author Steve Bremner, who actually helps people write their books. Learn more next on the Church Solutions Podcast

New Feature! Viral Stream Share!

video - Episode 353 New feature! Now members from your church can stream your services live on their own social media without lifting a finger. Find out what Viral Stream Share is, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Stress Free Streaming Video Tips!

video - Episode 352 - Let's face it, when you are about to begin a church service things can be stressful in the tech area of the church, especially when it comes to streaming video. Here are 10 tips to reduce your stress level on Sunday mornings (or any day of an event involving streaming online).

Walking by Faith

video - Episode 351 - If you felt like God told you to not keep working at a typical job but instead, step out in faith and serve him, (even with a wife and family), would you do it? We will talk with Paul Granger from YWAM, who did it and is still doing it, next, on the Church Solutions Podcast!

Catalytic Leadership, Why it Matters!

video - Episode 350 - There's leadership and then there is catalytic leadership. What is the difference and why should you care? We'll talk with an expert on leadership, William Attaway, next on the church solutions podcast

Choosing The Right Encoder for Streaming

video - Episode 349 - If you want to stream your church services to your own website, (and other platforms as well), you need a live encoder. There are now a lot to choose from. In this episode of the Church Solutions Podcast, we discuss some of the differences

Getting Help with Your Sermons

video - Episode 348 If you are a pastor, we don't have to tell you creating sermons week in and week out can wear on you, especially if you are bi-vocational. Today's guest has some solutions for you! We will learn more next, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

10 Ways to Stop Video Buffering

Video - Episode 347 Problems with live streaming video buffering can be frustrating and have a negative impact on your live video streaming experience. There are several ways to stop and prevent buffering on your network.

Video Part 2 How to Launch or Relaunch Your Church Online for B

Last podcast we talked about 12 practical things to relaunch your streaming video, this week (part 2) we give you some creative ideas to plan your launch or relaunch.

Relaunching Your Streaming Video for Back to School!

video Episode 345 Part 1 It may be summertime but back to school will be here before you know it, and it is the perfect time to launch or re-launch your streaming video (otherwise known as church online) we will tell you why, next, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

10 Tips to Training Church Volunteers

video - Episode 344 - Training volunteers can be work but if you do it right, it's an investment, in your church, but more importantly in the people. Today we talk about 10 tips to train your volunteers for a healthy church.

How to Grow Your Church Using Plan Your Visit

video Episode 343 - Today we talk with Chris Abbott who will share some interesting tips on how to have growth in your church by using a Plan Your Visit tool for your church.

10 Reasons Why People Don't Give To Your Church

video - Episode 342 -Unfortunately, most churches fall victim to the 80/20 rule, where 80 percent of the total giving is done by just 20 percent of the people. Here are 10 reasons why people don't give, and how you can change that, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

5 Ways Email is Killing the Church

video - Episode 341 - Email, is a great way to communicate with your church members, right? Eh, maybe not! Today we talk about 5 ways email is killing the church.

10 Things That Can Help Us with Stress

Episode 340 Video - Stress in ministry is unavoidable but we don't have to succumb to it. The problem comes with how we respond. We are going to bring up 10 things we can do that will help us with stress, next on the Church Solutions Podcast with Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy.

Is Free Streaming The Best?

Episode 339 Video - Today we are going to look at a couple popular free streaming services with the pros and cons of each on the Church Solutions Podcast with Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy.

Should My Church Advertise?

Video Episode 338 Today we explore the question, should my church advertise and is it biblical and if so, how?

Do Google Reviews Matter for Churches?

Video Episode 337 - Google business reviews and reviews in general matter more than ever before. How important are Google reviews when it comes to your church? We will talk about this and more next with our guest on the Church Solutions Podcast

Five Hindrances to Church Growth

video - Episode 336 Are there definitive reasons as to why churches stop growing? Here are five reasons for churches decline, next on the Church Solutions Podcast

Eight Ways to Grow Your Church in Summer

video - Summertime will be here before you know it, but did you know, summer can be an excellent opportunity for your church to experience growth, don't believe me? Well stay tuned as we will give you 8 ways to attract people to your church in the summertime.

How To Help Refugees

video - Unless you live in a cave somewhere you're probably aware that there is a global refugee crisis. What can we do? Our guest is Jennifer Tompkins, the executive director of Tucson Refugee Ministry, has some answers to help in this time.