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12 Church Outreach Ideas for Father’s Day

Video Episode 432 – If you are involved in your church in almost any capacity you know that mother's day is usually well attended but father's day, eh... Not so much. Today's guest has some great ideas to help your church reach fathers, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

The Secret to Reaching Young People with the Bible

Video Episode 431 - Is the Bible boring for young people Not if Craig Dehut, co-founder of Appian Media, has anything to do with it. Tune in to hear his passion for engaging youth with the Bible and how he is reaching Millions with award-winning content! Next on the Church Solutions Podcast

Simple Steps to Having a Podcast for Church

Video episode 430 - Podcasts! Everybody and their brother are doing them right? Well podcast are popular for a good reason and your church should consider having one, we'll tell you how next, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Spreading Your Message Further Online

Video Episode 429 - My wife uses Alexa to help with her dinner recipes. I use Google to help me do on a home improvement project or work on my Jeep. More and more people are turning to online spaces for information, community, and even spiritual guidance. This presents a tremendous opportunity for churches and ministries to expand their reach and share their message with a wider audience.

Keeping Viewers Engaged in Your Church Streaming.

Video Episode 428 - Streaming your church services offers a wonderful way to connect with members who can't attend in person. But keeping viewers engaged throughout the streaming can be a challenge. Here are some strategies to ensure your online congregation feels just as connected and inspired as those attending in person, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Free is Not Always Free

Episode 427 - Streaming video is a great tool but While free platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live offer an easy entry point, there are some hidden downsides to consider before hitting "live." We will talk about the pros and cons of free streaming, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Tech-tonic Shift: How to Attract Tech Volunteers

Video Episode 426 - We all know volunteers are the life blood of any church but finding them and keeping them can be a challenge. Today we share some important tips that will help your church in this area, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Now What? After Easter

Episode 425 - It's over! The Easter Sunday has come and gone, leaving a warm glow of hope and renewal in its wake. But with the decorations taken down and the special programs concluded, a question lingers: Now what? Here are six ways churches can capitalize on the Easter spirit and keep the momentum going t

10 Ways You Can End Live Streaming Buffering

Video Episode 424 - You're streaming your church's Sunday service and things are going well but then… all of the sudden, it happens! Your video starts to freeze up!! What do you do?? We have some answers next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Is Live Streaming Still Vital for Your Church?

Video Episode 423 - We all know that churches embraced streaming live because of the pandemic. Now that the pandemic is over, some have stopped or are considering stopping. We will discuss one church's decision on and what your church should consider when it comes to streaming, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

From Niche to Necessity: The Evolution of Church Streaming

Video Episode 422 - Streaming video for churches has undergone a significant transformation since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020: We will talk about the changes and the future next, on the Church Solutions Podcast

Practical Answers to Church Social media Questions

Video Episode 421 Social Media can be challenging when trying to use if for your church, well today we speak with our own resident expert on this as he answers some practical questions on this topic, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Great Tips for Mixing Audio with Live Streaming

Video Episode 420 – When it comes to streaming video, one of the most common things overlooked is audio. Mixing audio with your live streaming doesn’t have to be a chore, today we get some great tips from a season pro, James Wasem, next, on the Church Solutions Podcast!

Insights to ProPresenter 7 with Paul Alan Clifford

Video Episode 419 - One of the most vital tools for church is presentation software, so today we talk with an expert on ProPresenter 7 , Paul Alan Clifford . We will review some the features it has that could improve your events, next of the Church Solutions Podcast.

Why Churches Don’t Need Ultra-High Bitrate Streaming

Video Episode 418 - In the age of crystal-clear 4K video, it's natural to assume that the higher the bitrate, the better the streaming experience. But when it comes to streaming for your average church service, there's more to the story than just megapixels.

The Power of Digital Discipleship

Video Episode 417 - Digital Ministry, is it really the way the church should go? We will talk with Bernie "Romans" Mapili , who has experience in both worlds, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Rethinking Church - 7 Seismic Shifts in 2024

Video Episode 416 - To quote one of my favorite artists, the times they are a changing, and that really applies to how we do and think about church. We will talk about that in more detail next, on the Church Solutions Podcast

Unveiling Digital Devo

Video Episode 415 - Hey Pastor, struggling to keep devotionals fresh for your members? Learn about a game-changer on this important topic, next on the Church Solutions Podcast!

Go Where the People Are: Reaching People with Social Media

Video Episode 414 - If you look at the scriptures, Jesus and his disciples went to where the people were. Like it or not, social media is where the people are, but what should you post on your churches’ social media platform? Michael Gray and Phil Thompson share some ideas.

Tips for Boosting Your Church's Online Presence in 2024

Video Episode 413 - It's a New Year and new opportunities for new reach people. In today's digital age, where screens hold more sway than pews, an impactful online presence is no longer optional, it’s crucial!! Why? We will talk about that next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

From Pulpit to Pixel: A Balanced Look at Streaming on Social Med

Video Episode 412 - There are a ton of people on social media, so why shouldn’t my church stream there? Steve Lacy and Phil Thompson take a look at the benefits and drawbacks to streaming your church services on social media.

Don’t Let Tech Problems Ruin Your Christmas Service Stream!

Video Episode 411 - Wow, it will be here before you know it! Christmas! Yes, it can be overwhelming, especially to your tech department. But by following these tips, you can ensure that your stream is successful and that everyone has a great experience.

How to Ensure Streaming Reaches Every Audience

Episode 410 - There is a misunderstanding out there about streaming video. Some people think sending your streaming video at a high bit-rate means greater quality. That is not always the case and actually can create problems. Here are some reasons why your church should not stream a high video bit-rate.

The Power of Living the Word: How Gnowbe Transforms Lives

Video Episode 409 – So-Young Kang is a committed believer who has a vision to help churches and ministries globally, and equip them with scaling discipleship, evangelism and daily growth by living the word, not just consuming it. And it's happening with a great tool called Gnowbe, we'll learn more about it and her, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Faith and Technology: A Match Made in Heaven?

Video Episode 408 - Steele Billings, Head of AI at Gloo, is a seasoned professional in faith tech ecosystems. With a career spanning major technology companies and startups alike, He has been instrumental in building technology infrastructure for faith causes. He is committed to leveraging technology to fulfill God's purpose.

• Exploring AI's Role in the Church with Founder of Pastors.AI

Video Episode 407 - Many people questions about AI and how it applies to church. If you have concerns about using AI technology for your ministry, I would encourage you to listen to today’s guest, Joe Shu, the founder of Pastors.AI , next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Connecting Believers through Technology with Nick Seedorf

Video Episode 406 - Nick Seedorf was involved in traditional ministry at a young age but later felt called out to a different type of ministry but his life was not always easy. We can all learn from his story next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Using AI to Revolutionize Online Bible Study

Video Episode 405 - Today we speak with a Nils Gulbranson who has come up with an award winning online Bible study tool, leveraging AI, find out more next on the Church Solutions Podcast


Video Episode 404 - Someone said everything rises and falls on leadership, and I think all of us could use some encouragement in that area so today we are going to get it from a seasoned leader, William Vanderbloemen, who helps people become better leaders, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Should a Pastor Build his Personal Brand?

Video Episode 403 - Today we are talking your personal branding as a pastor and why it’s important….wait, what? Is personal branding important for a pastor? And what does that mean? Find out next on the Church Solutions Podcast

Tech Trends That Will Shape the Church in 2024

Video Episode 402 - With the rapid pace of technological change, it can be hard to keep up. That's why we are excited to talk about the 5 tech trends for 2024, with Joe Palombo, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Overwhelmed by Online Responsibilities? Here's Help!

Video Episode 401 - If you are in ministry, you know it can be overwhelming at times and especially when you add in managing your church’s online platforms. Here are 5 ideas to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of your church online responsibilities, next on the Church Solutions Podcast

Leadership Tips for Change in Your Church

Video Episode 400 - Few people like change and if you are involved with your church in leadership, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The good news is, Markus Watson has some wonderful tips on helping people navigate change in your church, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

How to make the most of Multi-Camera Video Production

Video Episode 399 Graeme Spencer is a season professional in Christian digital and online streaming. Graeme shares some wonderful advice on Multi-Camera Video Production for your church on this episode of the Church Solutions Podcast.

Unlocking Love Languages: Path to Profound Connection

Episode 398 - Paul Zolman has created a new way to demonstrate the principles of the love languages. It's a profound way to learn all five love languages to give them away.. The system is so easy that even young children can be trained in this love giving system.

The Science of Sound Mixing: What You Need to Know

Episode 397 - Whether you're a seasoned sound engineer or just getting started, you know mixing sound can be a challenge, today we talk with A/V expert James Denmon about some tips for mixing on the Church Solutions Podcast

Your Questions Answered About AI (maybe)

Video Episode 396 We explore some questions you have about AI but were afraid to ask, alright maybe you’re not afraid to ask, but we will still try and answer them, next on the Church Solutions podcast.

Church Event Planning: How to Avoid Disaster

Video Episode 395 – There is nothing worse than having an important event at your church and it doesn't go well. Today we speak with Ron Procopio, an expert at event planning.

Churches: Here's How to Simplify Your Online Presence

Video Episode 394 - Face it, if you are a church leader, updating your website, using social media, online marketing can be overwhelming at times. Today we speak with an expert on these topics that can bring some simple wisdom to help, her name is Katie Allred, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Getting High-Quality Video Equipment Without Breaking the Bank

Video Episode 393 - What if you needed some really high quality video equipment for a special event but you don't want to go out and spend a fortune? Bill Davis from Remote Control Studio has got a solution for you, next on the Church Solutions Podcast

What Churches Should Consider When Planning Their AV Needs

Video Episode 392 - The AV needs of churches vary widely, and on today's episode of the Church Solutions Podcast, we talk to two experts from BZBGear, Joel Cruz and Matthew Allison, about what churches should be looking for when it comes to their AV needs.

Home to RV: A Couple's Journey to Equip Churches with Technology

Video Episode 391 - It’s a tech world we are living in today and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Wouldn't it be nice if someone would just show up at your church and help you with your technology challenges? Well, we know someone who does just that, Micheal Byrd, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Creating Amazing Worship Experiences!

Video Episode 390 - Although the message of God’s love is consistent, the way we communicate has changed over the years. Today we speak with Luke Miller from WorshipHouse Media about the tools available to present your message in a church service, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

The Secret Power of Kindness

Video Episode 389 - Ever find yourself in a toxic environment at work or even in church? Unfortunately it is pretty common today but Greg Atkinson has some solid advice and hope for us, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

How POV Cameras Can Improve Your Streaming Video

Video Episode 388 - Different live camera shots or angles in streaming video can help churches bridge the gap between physical and virtual experiences. Today we talk with Tod Musgrave from Marshall Electronics about cameras for streaming, next on the Church Solutions Podcast

What Have We Learned from the Pandemic?

Video Episode 387 In late 2019, less than a 1/3 of U.S. Protestant churches were live streaming. By April 2020, that proportion had increased to almost 2/3's due to COVID-19 and even more are streaming now. So what lessons have we learned from the pandemic? Our guest Ryan Geesaman will share his research next, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Exploring AI ChatGPT webhosting for Streaming Video

Video Episode 386 - What do you think about AI ChatGPT? Today we speak with our own Steve Lacy and his design of AI/Chat GPT webhost feature for streaming video, next on the Church Solutions Podcast.

When Your Board Says No to Streaming

Video Episode 385 Some church boards may be hesitant to invest in or continue streaming services due to various reasons. If you are looking to persuade your church board to keep streaming video, here are some tips that may help.

Innovative Way to Connect with Your Seniors

Episode 384 - What if you've got a family member far away, perhaps a senior, who is not tech savvy. But you want to stay connected to them thru video calls and other features? Today we interview the co-founder of ViewClix, Dennis Rank, who has some answers, next, on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Ways to Keep and Increase Your Online Viewers

Video Episode 383 - It can be challenging to attract, retain and even increase streaming viewership, especially when there is so much competition for online attention. Here are some tips to improve your streaming church's online viewership.