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7 Reasons You're Not Reaching Unchurched

video - Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy look at reasons your why your church may not be reaching unchurched people and provide some remedies.

Mixing Audio for Streaming Video

video - Mark Small, sound tech from AliveChurch in Tucson shares ways to effectively mix audio for streaming video with Phil and Steve on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Using Technology to Plan Successful Church Events

video -Deborah Ike from Velocity Ministry Management shares tools that can be used for church event management and planning.

Cultural Changes The Church Must Not Ignore

Video - Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy look at 10 trends in the culture that church leaders should not ignore.

Why You Should Change Your Perspective about Streaming Video

Video - Why You Should Change Your Perspective about Streaming Video is our topic with Phil Thompson and Dillon Burroughs

How To Connect with Your Streaming Video Viewers

Video - Dillon Burroughs leads our discussion on ways to connect with your viewers that watch online with Steve Lacy and Phil Thompson.

10 Things You Can Do For a Great Easter Service

Video - Steve and Phil look at 10 Things You Can Do For a Great Easter Service for your church!

6 Ways We Ignore The Unchurched

Video - Steve and Phil look at 6 ways we miss the mark and ignore unchurched people who come to visit on Easter in an article from Ryan Stigile

Why Some Churches Don't Grow

Video - Some churches don't grow for many reasons, Phil and Steve look at 10 reasons and how you can change in this edition of the Church Solutions Podcast.

Ways to Attract and Keep Easter Visitors

video - Phil Thompson and Brittanye Messerly discuss helpful ideas to attarct and keep your Easter visitors

15 Ways to Satisfy Tech Savvy People in your Church

Video - Phil and Steve explore 15 tech related ideas you can do to connect with tech savvy people in church.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Message

(video) Steve and Phil talk with author and media expert Dillon Burroughs about maximizing your sermon.

What Numbers Matter To Your Church?

video- Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy look at the importance of first time visitor numbers and we as follow up on this edition of the Church Solutions Podcast.

7 Essential Steps for Promoting Your Church

Steve and Phil speak with marketing expert Brittanye Messerly about 7 essential steps to promoting your church and reaching more people.

Interview with Steve and Phil on Streaming Video for Church

Steve Lacy and Phil Thompson are guests at Epiphan TV and discuss streaming video for churches with George Herbert. The Webcaster X2 is talked about as well as a great option for churches.

Invite - Webinar 4

Join Pastor Craig Smee as he demonstrates how to enable your engaged members to become inviters. Inviters are those that are actively encouraging their family, friends and co-workers to check out your ministry. Pastor Smee has more than quadrupled his church attendance over the past few years by effectively using digital technology to retain his visitors, integrate them into the church and eventually turning them and his staff into evangelists for Jesus and his church in their community

Engage - Webinar 3

This 30 minute live webinar with Pastor Craig Smee will help you engage your guests so they become committed members involved in small groups, serving and tithing. Craig, as well as Steve Lacy and Phil Thompson, will also be available to answer questions at the end of the presentation.

How To Stream More Effectively

Phil and Steve host this webinar from April 17, 2018 on streaming video.

Other Stuff We Do

Phil Thompson shares about the other things we do.

Q and A - Part 3

Phil Thompson takes more of your questions regarding streaming video

Church Apps

Phil and Steve talk about some new church apps now available.

Solving Computer Problems

Phil chats with Dan from Fireproof Computer Services about common issues people experience with their pc as they stream.

Q and A - Part 2

Phil Thompson answers more of your questions about streaming.

Questions and Answers About Streaming

Phil Thompson from answers viewers questions regarding streaming online and apps.

How To Use Social Media Effectively

Michael Gray explains how to use social media to its fullest potential for your church.

Do You Need A Weekend Experience Director?

Phil Thompson interviews Sharon Iuliano, Weekend Experience Director at

Should Your Church Have A Web Pastor?

Phil and Steve talk about the roles of a web pastor.

Online Small Groups, New Phone App

Steve and Phil discuss online small groups and the new phone app.

How Get and Keep Viewers

Steve Lacy and Phil Thompson talk about how to get and keep more viewers with your live stream.

Streaming with Roku

Steve Lacy and Phil Thompson talk about how your stream can be seen on Roku

Setting Your Encoder

Steve and Phil show you how to set your streaming encoder for best results.

Craig Coulter and Larry Vinyard Interview

Phil Thompson interviews senior Pastor Craig Coulter and media director Larry Vinyard.

Phil Thompson, Church Online Pastor

Phil Thompson shares his interesting background and how that led him to what hes now doing.

Backstage at

Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy take you backstage to the production of a live service at

Dana Byers - Dana Byers talks about effective ways to conduct ministry online.