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Brian Fitch
Senior Pastor, Florence Church of the Nazarene is the best Christian-based solution out there. Take a look at this viable option for churches serious about doing streaming video.

Jeremy Smith
Author at Church Tech Today
(see the article)

Using the Webcaster X2 combined with the excellent support team of has made our transition to streaming video for our church services a very positive experience.

The WebcasterX2 is so easy to use for our audio/video team and the video/chat platform makes the viewer’s interactive experience wonderful.

We highly recommend Epiphan’s Webcaster X2 and for any church wanting a simple and reliable streaming experience.


David Kinnard

We are so glad to have chosen for our streaming platform and services. Their quality, and customer service are impeccable, not to mention our cost saving with switching our streaming to StreamingChurch. Their portal is user friendly and we love all the features, especially the custom design page, the reports, the DVR, and embed codes. Phil was patience and helpful as he trained us and as we learned our way around. is definitely committed to helping our church spread the gospel of Jesus.

Spencer T. Ellis
Senior Pastor
Citadel of Praise
Detroit, MI

I think you guys are doing a great job providing service for us. We have people watching our service live on 4 different continents, amazing!

Duane Hett
Executive Pastor
Trinity Fellowship Church
Tyler, TX

Praise God,
We are grateful to God, and completely impressed with your professionalism in response to our request.
From past experiences, there would be endless, and timeless wait "on hold", customer service would be inadequate to help/answer questions or they would disconnect the call, countless unresolved technical issues, usually a dreaded nightmare. But "Thanks be to God", for allowing us to cross paths with you and your company. I pray God continue to bless and lead you.
God Bless

Maurice Bonner
St John's Deliverance Temple
Mobile, AL

I really feel like has gone above and beyond simple customer service in this issue. They listened to a client need and quickly dedicated resources to address and provide a custom solution for the need. That's rare (in my experience) and worth applauding. I hereby applaud, and encourage you to keep it in mind when considering a switch to some other provider.

Derek Hauffe
tech for MountaintopCommunity Church
Birmingham, AL

Thanks Steve. Inserted is a message from a person in Africa that saw our streaming video and is now setting up households in Kenya and Tanzania to be able to watch. What a blessing. Our pastor is there now to assist setting up BBF Africa. Just wanted you to know the Word of God is going to other places because of your ministry. This was my prayer when we started this. To reach Africa.

God bless,

Bob Hoyle
BBF Church, Tallahassee

The online campus grew 35% in 2013, Pretty cool! [the Bible Chapel now averages over 150 in weekly online attendance]

Carl Huhn
Online Pastor
The Bible Chapel
McMurray, PA

Of the many valuable components that are part of, I would say that I most enjoy the reporting capabilities. The ability to either access data on attendees during service, or view a detailed activity report the day after provides us with invaluable information about our impact on the community.

Marvin Satchell
Audio Visual Ministry Lead
East End Baptist Church
Suffolk, VA

Hi Steve: here is our article in the Daily Star. It is pretty neat! And now they want the article in their regional paper as well! Really, you get the credit and not me, for making all of this possible! Thank you!

Larry Vinyard
Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene
Oro Valley, AZ

Just had to drop you guys a line to express how blown away myself, my team and our viewers were with Streaming Church TV and MyFlock. We had some wonderful reviews in our chat and the dynamics of the program just enabled us and our viewers to interact in a close to real fellowship. I and my team are deeply impressed with the multitude of features.

I don't know how long it took you guys to develop this concept but for me it has paid off. You guys have attempted to cover every need a a streaming church would need to build good fellowship with its online viewers. Our sound and video as per our viewers was excellent.

About two had problems but it could have been their computer. Others gave us high marks for our streaming. I am still trying to figure it out, but as I go along I am discovering more functions that really blow me away. I am sure that the more churches discover this setup you guys will have an increase in demand. The word is out about our new streaming service so I am sure I will have others churches in our denomination coming your way.

Barrington Anderson
Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church
Bronx, NY

St. Philip Lutheran Church can’t say enough about what the streaming has done for our ministry. We are now averaging over 12 people from all over the world watching us weekly. Our financial contributions have also gone up from shut-ins in the Chicago area. There is no ending to the thanks that we can give to you.

[regarding one of their viewers] ...I went to their home, what a mistake or maybe not. Two hours later I left with a head full of ideas and a check for $5000.00.

Rick Oppermann
St. Philip Lutheran Church
Chicago, IL

I'm glad my fellow elders choose to pick StreamingChurch for our provider.  There were larger companies to choose from but as I  told them in my presentation, larger is not always better.  Customer service is extremely  important.....  Things worked like a charm...The team continued to chat with people about the service long after it ended.

Charles Dewalt
The Bridge Church
Cleveland, GA

Thank you for your excellent and prompt service. It has really made an impression both on me, but more importantly on our Senior Pastor.

Jared A. Reynolds
Associate Pastor
[email protected]

New Beginnings Church
3601 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

... Once again you guys are ahead of the rest. [with regard to our Roku streaming announcement]

Barrington Anderson
Media Ministry Director
Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church

We really appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism... We know you have other customers to support but you always seem to be able to respond in a reasonable time frame...

We are fully satisfied with the service Streaming Church provides and hope that eventually we'll stretch your bandwidth more.

Thanks again...   .......Jim Corbin

Lower rates is great news. That was real Christian to pass it on. That's  why I love Streaming Church and Myflock. Real christian business.

Barrington Anderson
Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church
Bronx, NY

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