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NEW! - AI Digital Devotions

Discover the future of spiritual growth with's AI Digital Devotions. Busy pastors can effortlessly convert their weekly sermon videos into a week's worth of daily devotionals using advanced AI technologies.

From transcription to voice cloning, the system recommends and customizes devotionals inspired by the sermon. With a simple click, schedule these personalized devotionals for daily playback across various platforms. Elevate your ministry and transform spiritual growth with SCTV's AI Digital Devotions—making enrichment accessible in less than five minutes a week.

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Introducing AI Sermon Clipper! Streamline your church's outreach with our cutting-edge AI feature. Automatically analyze your past sermons and generate engaging video clips tailor-made for social media and church communications.

Amplify your message, reach a wider audience, and enhance your online presence effortlessly. Join us at and let AI Sermon Clipper revolutionize your ministry's digital impact.

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AI/ChatGPT Webhost

Engaging: We are thrilled to unveil the groundbreaking addition of ChatGPT AI Webhost Chat to our video chat platform! Say goodbye to dull and disconnected conversations during live streaming events, and embrace a new era of interactive engagement like never before.

You're In Control: Your AI Webhost is disabled by default and you can still control all activity in your platform. You and your online guests will be impressed with how vibrant and friendly your chat room becomes once the AI Webhost is enabled.

Real-time Interaction: Connect with your church audience in the moment as ChatGPT AI Webhost enables seamless and personalized conversations during your live streams. Your AI webhost is customized to your church using your church's information so responses are appropriate and engaging for your ministry.

Multilingual Support: Language should never be a barrier to communication. With ChatGPT AI Webhost Chat, embrace inclusivity as participants from different regions can effortlessly converse in their preferred language. Connect and engage on a global scale.

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With Viral Stream Share you'll be able to exponentially increase your exposure through your member's social networks to reach more people every weekend. Viral Stream Share is not just sharing your stream, it's broadcasting your stream to all of their friends on the member's Facebook, Youtube or Twitter accounts.

As your members automatically go live broadcasting your church's stream, their Facebook and Youtube friends will be alerted to the stream. Now that every Facebook member has over 300 friends, your stream will be exposed to an exponential number of your member's friends.

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Once enabled and customized by your ministry, specific targeted automatic follow up emails will be automatically sent to your online attenders after they attend your service. The system will automatically discern between those that attended for the first time or the fortieth time and send a customized email specifically for them.

Thanks for attending your first Alive Church Online service yesterday...

As your church administrator, you can elect to have the system automatically send out the custom follow up emails every week (while you're asleep), or you can integrate your online guests information into your existing church management system for tracking and follow up.

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Automatic email after sunday service


We haven't yet met an encoder that doesn't work with!

We are partners with most of the popular encoders available, which makes the setup to stream super simple! Just choose "" from their list of destinations, enter your login and password and you're streaming! We also work with popular hardware encoders.


Your streaming platform can be customized so it looks and feels like your church. Seamlessly embed everything on your existing church website or link to your customized live streaming campus! You can also embed the countdown timer and your own media vault directly on your church site with ease. We provide the code that you just copy and paste to your church website.

Not having a easy way to stream customized, interactive church services may be limiting your reach.

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Customized interactive church

Automatically record your church service

AUTOMATIC SERVER SIDE DVR RECORDING's Premium Unlimited and Platinum Unlimited includes automatic server side recording of your live stream. Set it up once, and forget it! Every one of your services will automatically be recorded and available for your included media vault.

You also have the ability to dynamically start and stop your DVR recording at the exact right time during your service (ie - when your pastor begins his message). And if you ever need to edit a recorded video, you can now edit and trim your video right from your admin panel online.

You also have the option to record your services locally and later upload them to your media vault.

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Every account includes a media vault to provide easy access to all of your recorded messages and services. There are several media vault design themes to choose from so you can pick the media vault design theme that best suits your taste and design theme.

You can also embed your included media vault on your ministry website. And yes, there's no limits on your media vault with your Premium Unlimited or Platinum Unlimited account.

Media vault
Mobile responsive


Your stream will automatically play properly on all devices including computers, tablets and phones. Now those on Android tablets, Android phones, iPads and iPhones can attend as easily as those on your church website. The stream will also automatically play on our Roku channel and the mobile app. Just encode your stream per our instructions and everything will play properly on all devices.

We also provide the ability to implement an adaptive bit rate technology that will ensure your stream is optimized for every device and network.


Configure your interactive platform to suit your tastes and match your website design. Choose one of our professionally designed platform themes or you can upload your own graphics to create a custom design. You can further customize your platform by adding donation buttons, announcement banners, etc.

You can also choose video options, pre-roll videos, select from a variety of countdown timers and much more.

Customize your live streaming platform

It's time to adopt a streaming platform so you can increase your reach.

Stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by streaming platforms, and instead, start confidently and creatively using video streaming every week to expand your ministry.

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Increase your reach
Live stream your church sermon on Facebook


Stream your services live to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter! You can send the stream to your church's Facebook page or any other Facebook page. Encourage church members to share the stream on Facebook and retweet it on Twitter.

We provide two options to send your stream to Facebook. The first option requires an encoder capable of sending multiple streams (ie - vMix, Wirecast, etc.). With this option, you can send your stream to your church website and Facebook simultaneously with the Basic Unlimited and Premium Unlimited packages at no additional fee.

Our third package, Platinum Unlimited, provides an option to send your stream to your church website and social streaming. With Platinum Unlimited, we'll automatically forward your stream to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter!

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With every Premium Unlimited or Platinum Unlimited account, you can trim your recorded videos right on your own admin panel.

The online video editor is easy to use with integrated sliders and a video scrubber. Simply move the start mark to where you'd like your video to begin and move the stop mark to where your video should end. Your videos can be trimmed in seconds!

Ministry video editor
Church live stream on Roku and Apple TV


Your live stream will automatically be available for viewing on the Roku channel and the Apple TV channel. Your on-demand videos will also be available for viewing at any time. Now your viewers and members can attend online from the comfort of their couch or conveniently watch a message they missed previously.

We also will create your own branded Roku or Apple TV channel for your ministry for a small one time fee ($299 - free with Platinum plans). You will then have your own channel branded after your church with your church name, color, logo, etc. on every Roku and/or Apple TV device.


As guests arrive to your streaming service, their appearance is announced in the scrolling chat area. Both members and guests can interact using the online chat room that scrolls during the message. You can jump in and interact, or sit back and watch. You can even hide the chat if you prefer. As the online campus pastor, you can welcome new guests, add commentary to the message being presented and pray with those online. As the administrator, you have moderator capabilities within the chat room. You can remove anyone at any time for any reason. You're in control!

Moderated visitors live chat

Live stream for churches platform


As new guests arrive at your live streaming service, their Facebook profile photo or guest photo will appear in the automated Who's Attending area on your site. You can private message anyone by clicking on their photo. The system will open a chat window (just like Facebook Messages) where you can chat privately with the individual.

Your online pastor and others online can use this feature to pray privately with each other or just communicate a privately with their friends online.

OBS Live Stream App


Download the Streaming Church Remote app — available for both iPhone and Android.

Our mobile app pairs seamlessly with your account so you can remote control Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) from your phone. Once configured, you can easily start, record, and schedule live streams from the Streaming Church Remote app.

As the broadcast streams, sit back and watch from the app too!


Upload a pre-recorded video to your Admin Panel and set it to run as a simulated live stream.

Your webhost can still interact with members and all platform features work like usual. Simulated Live is easier than normal live streaming because no encoder is needed! Just shoot, edit, and upload your .mp4 or .m4v file.

Note: Video file must be under 3 gigabytes.

Watch our Simulated Live help video to get started.
Pastors sermon notes


As the administrator to your own interactive streaming web campus, you can upload your teaching notes to the notes tab of the platform.

For example, pastors can summarize the main points of sermons, list further spiritual questions for congregation members to ponder, and add important church announcements.

Your attendees can then fill in the blanks, enter their own notes, highlight items and even print the notes on their local computer.


As guests arrive to your streaming service, a push pin is placed on your map showing where everyone is attending. You'll be amazed as you get visitors from around the globe!

Just click on a push pin and attendee information is displayed automatically. You can also scroll and zoom out on your map to see attenders from all across the globe!

Track church visitors on a map
Congregations can view bible app on streaming platform


The bible is right there on your platform for easy reference. And it's available in just about every language for your viewers.


We have some of the best tools for your online attenders. Your viewers can sign up to receive an automated reminder (text or email) letting them know your services are about to begin.

During the service, the viewer can click the "Need Prayer" button to be automatically connected with one of your prayer warriors for private prayer. No other streaming platform can compare with for doing real ministry online.

Need Prayer and Reminder buttons on streaming platform


Your live streaming site comes with a "dynamic zone" on the page. You (as the administrator) have a set of pre-defined items that you can insert dynamically onto the live streaming page. As soon as you select a new dynamic item, the web page of all your online attenders will automatically update showing this new content.

So now during the service, you can "pass the plate" by displaying your link to your online donations button, or provide a link to more information on a song during the worship, or provide the sermon notes, or invite online attenders to pray with the web pastor. You can create as many dynamic items as you wish. Your options are unlimited!

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