Tools necessary for streaming

Streaming Church Features

Embed on your Site

embed your streaming platform on your church web siteSeamlessly embed everything on your existing church web site, or link to your customized live streaming campus! You can also embed the countdown timer and your own media vault directly on your church site with ease. We provide the code that you just copy and paste to your church website.

View your Stream on Any Device

stream to any device

Your stream will automatically play properly on all devices including computers, tablets and phones. Now those on Android tablets, Android phones, iPads and iPhones can attend as easily as those on your church website. The stream will also automatically play on our Roku channel and the mobile app. Just encode your stream per our instructions and everything will play properly on all devices.

We also provide the ability to implement an adaptive bit rate technology that will ensure your stream is optimized for every device and network.

Completely Customizable

customize your streaming platformYou can configure everything to suit your tastes and match your design theme. You can either choose one of our professionally designed themes, or you can upload your own graphics to create your own custom design. You can also choose video options, pre-roll videos, lots of countdown timers, donation buttons and much more.

Stream Live to Facebook

Stream Live to Facebook

Stream your services live to Facebook! You can send the stream to your church's Facebook page or any other Facebook page. Your viewers can also share the stream using Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus with ease. Your viewers can also invite others to your service using these tools or an automated email tool.

Everything is built in and ready to go on your account.

Moderated Chat

integrated moderated chat roomAs guests arrive to your streaming service, their appearance is announced in the scrolling chat area. Both members and guests can interact using the online chat room that scrolls during the message. You can jump in and interact, or sit back and watch. You can even hide the chat if you prefer. As the online campus pastor, you can welcome new guests, add commentary to the message being presented and pray with those online. As the administrator, you have moderator capabilities within the chat room. You can remove anyone at any time for any reason. You're in control!

Who's Attending and Private Messaging

private chatAs new guests arrive at your live streaming service, their Facebook profile photo or guest photo will appear in the automated Who's Attending area on your site. You can private message anyone by clicking on their photo. The system will open a chat window (just like Facebook Messages) where you can chat privately with the individual.

Your web pastor and others online can use this feature to pray privately with each other or just communicate a privately with their friends online.

Automated Follow Up

visitor follow up

Once enabled and customized by your ministry, specific targeted automatic follow up emails will be automatically sent to your online attenders after they attend your service. The system will automatically discern between those that attended for the first time or the fortieth time and send a customized email specifically for them.

Thanks for attending your first Alive Church Online service yesterday....

As your church adminstrator, you can elect to have the system automatically send out the custom follow up emails every week (while you're asleep), or you can integrate your online guests information into your existing church management system for tracking and follow up. learn more

Teaching Notes

stream with your teaching notes

As the administrator to your own interactive streaming web campus, you can upload your teaching notes to the notes tab.

Your attendees can then fill in the blanks, enter their own notes, highlight items and even print the notes on their local computer.

Automated Attendee Mapping

map showing those attending your streaming church service

As guests arrive to your streaming service, a push pin is placed on your map showing where everyone is attending. You'll be amazed as you get visitors from around the globe!

Just click on a push pin and attendee information is displayed automatically. You can also scroll and zoom out on your map to see attenders from all across the globe!

Bible Tools

bible for your online church streaming

The bible is right there on your platform for easy reference. And it's available in just about every language for your viewers.

Need Some Prayer? Need a Reminder?

private prayer, service reminder

We have some of the best tools for your online attenders. Your viewers can sign up to receive an automated reminder (text or email) letting them know your services are about to begin.

During the service, the viewer can click the "Need Prayer" button to be automatically connected with one of your prayer warriors for private prayer. No other streaming platform can compare with for doing real ministry online.

Push Technology

Your live streaming site comes with a "dynamic zone" on the page. You (as the administrator) have a set of pre-defined items that you can insert dynamically onto the live streaming page. As soon as you select a new dynamic item, the web page of all your online attenders will automatically update showing this new content.

So now during the service, you can "pass the plate" by displaying your link to your online donations button, or provide a link to more information on a song during the worship, or provide the sermon notes, or invite online attenders to pray with the web pastor. You can create as many dynamic items as you wish. Your options are unlimited!