Learn How to Have an Effective Online Streaming Ministry

A member of our streaming team will meet with you live via Zoom, to share their many years of experience using live streaming video to grow and enhance your ministry. Whether you are new to streaming or a seasoned veteran, we will help you take your streaming to the next level. 
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You’re leading your own church through growth this season... We’re here to help.

You don't want to make the most common mistakes the other ministries are making regarding their streaming video. Our ministry experts have been helping churches with streaming since 2008. We know the best way to use streaming to grow your church and the pitfalls to avoid. 
Three Things to Expect During Our 20 minutes Together
This demo is to help you move forward with your live streaming plans. Whether this is your first time launching or you've been streaming for years, ask away! 
We will draw on direct experience or tap the insights of our team members. Most often we’ll be able to share resources or directly related examples of other church projects we’ve been involved with.
We will show you StreamingChurch.tv's unique features and how they work with your streaming video for your church. 
Some of the Various Topics We Might Discuss Include:
* How to eliminate buffering
* How to choose the best live encoder for you
* How to ensure clear audio on your stream
* How to engage your viewers
* How to have the best interactive platform
* How to get help when you need it most
* How to ensure your live stream is recorded properly
* How to stream on Facebook, YouTube and others
* How to make online giving simple 
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Easy to use and the features allow the viewer to really feel like they are  part of the worship experience." 
Aaron Lackey
Temple of Prayer
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What's not to love? It's customizable."
George Black
Rejoice Church
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We could not be any happier with the quality service that StreamingChurch.tv provides from day one."
Jeff Bonnin
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