Get $200 donation to your ministry for giving us a try!*

We want you to succeed at streaming, get the $200 donation to your church, and because we know the more people we can get to be exposed and engage with your church, the more people will meet Jesus. See below for details.

* - $200 Donation Terms and Conditions:

That's right, receive $200 donation to your ministry for streaming your services, (you must stream at least two weekends), on your church website using

There's really only three conditions to qualify for the donation to your church:

  1. You must embed the streaming platform (or make it accessible) from your primary church website during your free trial. Determination of whether or not your website is a church website is solely up to the discretion of representatives.
  2. You must stream your normal weekend church service at least twice during your free trial and have online church attendance of at least 15 viewers per service during your 30 day free trial.
  3. Your church must be a registered 501(c)(3) church organization currently operating in your city. Para-church or other non-church ministries do not qualify for this offer.
Donations will be made payable to your registered 501(c)(3) organization using your ministry's donation system. Payments will not be made to individuals.

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