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We Only Serve the Church

StreamingChurch.tv, was built from the ground up for the church. The people who run this company understand ministry. They love the church. They love ministry leaders and share their passion to make an eternal difference in the lives of people both inside the walls of the church and beyond. Everyone at StreamingChurch.tv is also active in their local church, so they understand and love ministry.

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Steve Lacy - Founder and CEO

Steve Lacy, a technical scientist, an engineer, the innovator who conceived, and brought Steaming Church.tv to life, attends Alive Church in Tucson Arizona. Through the years, he has served on church boards and served in various other ways, especially when tech oriented things needed doing. Today he serves at Alive Church in Tucson on the tech team as a streaming video switcher.

Not only is Steve a technical scientist who you could say has a pastor’s heart, he has a heart for pastors. During his interview for this article, Steve tapped the tips of his fingers as he named people who had impacted his life in a meaningful way: John, Todd, Dan, Jeff, Mike... He paused for a moment and with a surprised smile, as though he was seeing it for the first time, he said, “They are all pastors. Some of my closest friends, all pastors.”

Steve loves pastors and pastors love him. It’s obvious, his mission in life is to help pastors achieve the vision God has put in their hearts..

The Small Beginnings

This company got its start long before streaming a church service was possible. Steve saw a way to help his church use technology to build community.

He tells this fun story.

“It was during a Sunday morning service in 2001. I started looking around the room, thinking about the people who attended that service with me every week. Some of them I knew by name, but not most of them. And the ones I did know, I didn’t know well. Something inside me said, ‘this is not as it should be.’ We are more than a group of church attenders. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are family.

We all live busy lives, but there must be a way for us to connect in a meaningful way...to know and care about each other in ways beyond how we do right now.

As I thought about it, an idea began to form: What if there were a way to connect with each other online? Each member would have a personal profile: Name, address, phone number, and email address plus information about their personal interests and life experience. The system would feature the ability to sort through the congregation to find “People Like Me.” For example, Billy over there, I know he likes to play golf on Saturday. The system would tell him about every other person in the church who likes to play golf. The system would also provide a way for him to reach out to those people and connect with them around their common interests.”

By the way, this was happening in 2001, before Social Media was on the scene. (MySpace launched in August of 2003, Facebook in February of 2004.)

Steve goes on, “I shared the idea with my Pastor. He liked it. So I developed the idea for our church. It worked better than any of us hoped. Because of that, we began thinking about how other churches could benefit from the concept and and a company and the online community building platform we came to call “MyFlock” was born.”

This church centric, ministry purposed company was born and continues to evolve as new technologies become available.

StreamingChurch.tv customer support expert

Phil Thompson - Executive Director

Phil, who has worked with Streaming Church.tv since 2007 talks about how Streaming Church.tv stands out as unique in this industry.

“Something that makes us unique in this field is how we got our start inside the church. Some service steaming providers got their start streaming little league baseball games. When they discovered how churches represent a huge market segment for what they do, they started offering their services to churches. This company grew up in the church. All of us who work here have been involved in our churches most of our adult lives. Most of us have been involved in some kind of leadership capacity.

I've started christian radio stations, been senior pastor, executive pastor, and church online pastor, and chief Cook-and-bottle washer.

Some churches are board run. Some churches are staff led. I've been involved in all types. So, when I'm working with the leaders of a church, I can get a good feel of where they're at, structure wise. I can help them navigate the questions they will have to answer: "What's this going to cost?" Or, "Why should we do this?"

It’s a big plus. Some of the companies out there, quite frankly, don't understand how churches work. But for us, we do. From when they start their free trial to seven or eight years later, we're there every step of the way.

Another thing that probably separates us from most other companies in this field, is our passion to help churches. We believe in the church ... We see how it's a vehicle God uses to reach people, and to help people grow, and become all that they can be. We believe in it. We live it. We attend churches. We're involved in our churches. My personal passion is to help people connect with God and with each other. Steve and I have a heart for that.

Our ministry mindset, I think, makes us unique in the streaming industry.