Automated Visitor Follow Up

Automated Follow Up Tools has recently introduced some tools that will allow your ministry to automatically follow up with those that attend your online services. Previously, you saw that you had some visitors online but there was no way to connect and engage with them after they left your online service. Now you'll be able to connect with many of those that attend your online service. And it's 100% automatic!

Automated Visitor Follow Up is a Unique Feature Only Available at!

Integrated Contact Card

As your online attenders sign into your service using their Facebook login, the system will automatically store contact information (email address) and automatically follow up with First Timers, Second Timers, Third Timers and those that don't return.

For those signing in with a nickname, has provided an optional field where they can also provide their email address as they join your online service. While not everyone attending your online service may provide the optional contact information, we've seen a large percentage provide the requested information.

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Automated Follow Up

Once enabled and customized by your ministry, specific targeted automatic follow up emails will be automatically sent to your online attenders after they attend your service. The system will automatically discern between those that attended for the first time or the fortieth time and send a customized email specifically for them.

Thanks for attending your first Alive Church Online service yesterday...

As your church adminstrator, you can elect to have the system automatically send out the custom follow up emails every week (while you're asleep), or you can integrate your online guests information into your existing church management system for tracking and follow up. learn more